An Overview: MSC Award-Winning Shows

Music: Complete musical arrangements compiled from a wide variety of sources. Available separately, with or without the accompanying drill. These music arrangements also include full score, individual parts, drum breaks, recaps and intros where applicable.

Drill: Complete drill design created with the expertise of the best nationally recognized drill designers, each show is designed to match the skills of a specific ability level and be a springboard for your creativity; with total adaptability.* (All drill includes percussion and color guard).

Animated Drill Movie File/DVD: The animated drill file/DVD presents the entire computer generated drill design, set to the musical recordings.

Pyware® 3D Drill File: The electronic drill file allows those who own the appropriate version of Pyware® software to easily adapt and/or make changes as desired.

Coordinate Sheets: A convenient way to make the learning process go more quickly, coordinate sheets describe the exact location of each band member and their particular position on the field for every drill movement executed.

Adaptable Drill Sizes: Adaptable wind sizes to choose from PLUS customization options. Your field show drill charts include flow charts with movement instructions, each position number and your choice of a printed or downloadable file.

Regional Protection: MSC (grades 2-5) designs are protected on a first come-first serve basis within a 100 mile radius of your school zip code.

* Each drill is adaptable with Pyware 3DŽ drill writing software;
available separately.

Flag Choreography DVD: An indispensable teaching tool, this original routine includes instruction in the technique and fundamentals required for every movement, along with views of the overall flag routine set to the music. We recommend you use the guard work presented as a starting point as reference material to fit your particular situation. Check format availability per show; VHS or DVD. Price varies according to drill grade.

General Effect/GE Handbook: This handbook is full of professional suggestions to specifically energize and customize your show. Each suggestion contains the potential to ignite your show and can be incorporated as desired. $95

General Effect/GE DVD: Energize and customize your field show with horn line choreography and helpful suggestions that will enhance your band's performance, such as body and horn movements, dance steps, props, costumes and special effects. A count-by-count explanation of the maneuvers is followed by a complete demonstration with the show's music and is supplemented with an instructional booklet. Check show availability. $95

Rehearsal Track CD: This time-saving rehearsal tool makes learning drill a snap! All on one CD, you'll find three useful ways to supplement different needs at varying points in the learning process.
• Click track with music
• Click track with the music played at a 25% slower rehearsal tempo
• Click track with music at slower tempo and divided into sections for easy rehearsal repetition. Check show availability. $50

Coordinate Holders: Now more convenient than ever, slip coordinate sheets into these plastic sleeves attached to an attractive lanyard and students will always have their "location" handy. Choice of lanyard colors: white, black, red, green, purple, royal and navy. $2.25 each pc.

Flags:Give your show that "wow" factor. Enhance your show with dynamic flags that won't deplete your budget. Made to last, these visually appealing flags are available in stock, made to order or custom made.

T-Shirts: Nearly every MSC field show theme has an exclusive T-shirt graphic designed to promote unity and enthusiasm on and off the field. First rate travel, music and championship designs are also available along with single color pocket, text and logo designs; all for low, low prices.

Creative Visual Body Movement DVD: Now you and your students can learn from the pros (at a fraction of the cost) how to perform and create exciting upper and lower body visuals. $49.95

General Effect/GE Visual Ideas DVD: Spark your creativity with general tips and suggestions which can be applied to any show. Use as much or as little as you choose. The results will always be impacting! $75.00

Color Guard Concepts DVD: Great tool for students to prepare for try-outs, improve their skills, and accelerated learning curve. $49.95

Maximizing Movement DVD: Maximizing Movement is designed to provide a complete, understandable, and efficient set of movement techniques for those bands whose primary challenge is a lack of rehearsal time. This unique video describes "from the ground up" how to establish a style of movement that can be taught and maintained when time is of the essence. Exercises demonstrate how to make the most of your rehearsal time while at the same time creating a concise style that can be consistently repeated. The drill cleaning segment offers insights into how to create uniform and precise movement for your ensemble.

Dynamic Marching DVD: Join experienced teacher, judge, and clinician Jeff Young as he and his staff guide you through a system of teaching visual fundamentals that has earned acclaim and success at both the state and national levels. Dynamic Marching and Movement will provide you with a clear and proven method for teaching the basics of posture, marching, and body movement. This system is built upon innovative warm-up, stretch, and dance basics that teach the performer proper techniques in all aspects of body movement. Chapters include: Posture, Instrument Carriage, Body and Dance Basics, Marching Fundamentals, and Strength & Fitness.

Wind & Drum-Line Warm-Ups: These unrivaled warm-up exercises and compositions for percussions and winds, developed by Tom Weidner and Dr. Frank Kumor, are excellent tools to develop technical proficiency at every level of ability.

Daily Warm-Ups & Range Builders: A daily warm-up is essential to properly prepare the muscles required to play an instrument and avoid physical damage, plus establish a focused attitude for a productive rehearsal. The Daily Warm-Up is based on a fundamental low Bb concert as the home base for a relaxed natural brass tone. The Daily Warm-Up works equally well with concert bands and jazz ensembles. Range Builder will help musicians achieve expanded range facility with a good tone quality.