Looking for that unique, one-of-a kind production without the huge cost of hiring your own visual staff, arranger and designer?? – Look no further! MSC’s unique “Hybrid Series” is a unique combination of music, combined with the imaginative and skillful team of writers to create an exciting, innovative show concept at your fingertips.  As in any in-house development staff, the MSC Team has chosen the very best existing arrangements available and have specially re-mixed them together to develop a one-of-a-kind production. In addition, we have written original percussion breaks or features to go along with these compositions at the appropriate moments to enhance each show with a level of exclusive unique qualities you cannot find anywhere else.

Due to the copyright laws, MSC as a distributor, is not allowed to splice or manipulate the existing scores in anyway, so in turn we provide you with a “Musical Road-map” that indicates where we have made the suggested cuts to create this unique combination of music. The tremendous advantage for you is the hours and hours of developing a unique production which offers tons of variety rather than using the “stock” arrangements “as is” from start to finish. In addition, you will receive the entire arrangement, at no additional charge to use however you choose. On the flip side, piecing the stock charts together is left to each individual the director. This can be a huge inconvenience of cutting and pasting. Many directors however, have chosen to import the music into Finale or Sibelius themselves to save them time of having to actually having to cut up and paste the scores and parts together. This process is up to you and you can decide which method works best in your situation. It could also be a teaching task for your section leaders to get them involved learning the scores while helping you at the same time. 

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