Shostakovich   Grade 5

Music & Drill together equals one great marching band show!

  • Category: Classical
  • Drill Grade: 5
  • Total Sets: 50
  • Total Time: 7:50
  • Package Price: $1,195.00

From the first note to the last, Jay Bocook will have you and your audience hooked on the Classics. Dramatic, beautiful and impressive, it just doesn't get any better than Shostakovich. ""Fire of Eternal Glory' is a show-stopper in every sense of the word!"

Exclusive Show Shirt

(Price includes music, drill, and regional protection)


MUSIC Length Music Arranger Price Recording
Title   Grade   Each  
Festive Overture - $80 each 3:04 5 - 5 Bocook $80.00 Listen
Fire of Eternal Glory - $80.00 each 1:42 4 - 4 Bocook $80.00 Listen
Symphony No 5 Finale (Bocook) 3:04 4 - 4 Bocook $80.00 Listen


DRILL Drill Designer Price Drill Sets
Title Grade   Each  
Festive Overture - $80 each 5 David Cook $390.00 22
Fire of Eternal Glory - $80.00 each 5 David Cook $390.00 5
Symphony No 5 - $80.00 each 5 David Cook $390.00 23
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Rehearsal Tools

REHEARSAL TOOLS (Optional) Price
Description Each
Animation Video / Shostakovich $100.00
Shostakovich $0.00

Coordinated Show Shirt

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Look as good as you sound in coordinated T-shirts! You can also customize them to fit your marching band! Email or call an MSC representative for details.
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Image Name Material Description Size Price
YY2 Poly, Lame MSC: Gold (sleeve), Papaya, and Burnt Orange poly, Orange Metallic 36x54 $39.75
KK2 Poly MSC: Lilac, rossette, white, pansy, sp. fuschia & hyacinth poly 40 x 78 $59.00
SH1 Poly, Lame MSC: Black, charcoal, aubergine & grey poly, silver metallic 36 x 54 $43.95


Image Name Material Description Size Price
Romance S, M, L, XL, XXL*, XXXL* $0.00