Custom Field Shows Created Just for Your Band

Be unique! Express your own creative spirit with drill designed specifically for your group. We do the work, you reap the benefits: proven experts in the field designing for you; drill that works; drill that compliments the music; drill on time and accurate; drill that wins!


Your Custom Field Show includes everything you need to make your mark on the field. Everything from music that soars off the charts to drill, custom designed to make sure the music and your group shine. You call the shots. How many drill sets? What solo instruments would you like to highlight? It’s your show. We just help you make it happen—just like you want it.


Select from the vast library of published or original compositions by the most popular and skilled artists in the industry. Whether you choose from our vast library of music or choose your own music, your show will display the music with integrity and effectively optimize your strengths.

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The MSC expert drill design team goes to work to write a drill perfectly tailored to your choice of music, your group size, preferences, and ability level. You reap the benefits of thousands of hours of experience by the best designers in the field and they write specifically for you, in line with your stated goals and preferences.

Drill Design materials will be presented in a professional manner; legible, accurate and charted on Pyware 3D software program. You will receive the following:

     - Drill Design
     - Coordinate Sheets
     - Computer Disk or Download (Pyware 3D Only)


Looking for an economic drill solution with a custom feel? Or maybe you just need a good starting point? MSC is now offering previously designed custom drill. You get a complete show in PDF format (or the original Pyware file for only $75 more) as it was designed for another school, but at a fraction of the cost.

The drill is provided ''as is'' and is Designed on Pyware software. (Pyware software sold separately.) Delivery is either through digital download or can be printed and shipped for an additional $50 + shipping.

Special note: These shows do NOT include music. MSC is NOT responsible for music arrangement that may or may not be available.


Please note that there are specific guidelines and deadlines for submission. Failure to adhere to these will hinder our ability to complete your show in a timely manner.

Download our Custom Show Agreement PDF

Drill Adaptation Agreement PDF

Call Gina for more information: 1.800.356.4381